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Youtube Video and Shorts Management and Ads

Effortlessly plan and consistently share videos on YouTube using Socially Saved Media– a top-tier YouTube scheduling platform.

Enhancing YouTube Automation

Eliminate the manual posting grind on YouTube. Schedule and publish your videos and shorts directly to your profile with ease.

Multiple Pages and Accounts

​Personalized Caption

AI Assistant

Tag Business

Bulk Boosting

URL Shortening

Audience Targeting

Canva Integration

Post Preview

Smart Scheduling

Draft Posts

Dropbox & Box integration

RSS Feed

Flexible Calendar

Team Management

Schedule First Comment

Multiple Images


Custom Fields

Alt Text

Aspect Ratios

Image Editor

Content Library

Post Queueing

Add Emojis

Optimize Your YouTube Channel Management

Implement your YouTube strategies and consistently schedule videos to maintain an engaging channel. Connect with your audience, nurture your brand, and shape its growth as envisioned.

Streamline Your Video Sharing

With Socially Saved Media, effortlessly share videos tailored for either YouTube feed or shorts. Our system intuitively recognizes your post type, classifying it as a short or a regular video. Plus, you can customize video thumbnails to suit your content.

Boost Visibility Across Multiple Channels

Socially Saved Media offers the flexibility to post uniquely across various channels. Select the right tags, categories, incorporate hashtags in descriptions, and employ other tools to amplify your reach and views.

Always Stay Content-Ready

Maintain a steady collection of videos and shorts for your YouTube channel, ensuring continuous engagement and audience growth.

Centralize Your Video Drafts

Bring order to your YouTube video sharing process. Store intriguing video drafts and previous content in Socially Saved Media Content Repository, and then select the best ones to share.

Pre-configure Hashtags for Swift Addition

Create and store groups of hashtags, ready to be swiftly added to your YouTube content. Strategize in advance and fine-tune your content to maximize its reach and visibility.

Prioritize Seamless Efficiency

Boost your productivity with our streamlined calendar that offers enhanced flexibility in scheduling, posting, and draft storage.

Tailor Your Audience

You have the power to choose who views your YouTube videos. Opt between Public, Private, Unlisted, or the Safe for Kids setting to target the right audience. Plus, tap into advanced video settings such as content category, licensing rights, ownership, embedding, and more—all directly from our dashboard.

Simplifying Your Scheduling Process

With Socially Saved Media, effortlessly queue up, schedule, or instantly share videos on your YouTube channel. Adjusting post timings is a breeze—just drag and drop to your preferred slot. Duplicate a video in the queue for sharing on another account, and declutter with handy link shorteners like

Foster Collaborative Excellence

Streamline collaboration and approval workflows. Bring your team or clients on board with Socially Saved Media to brainstorm and greenlight your YouTube marketing strategies.

YouTube Teamwork

Easily designate roles to clients and teammates for seamless YouTube marketing collaborations. Foster efficient interactions by discussing, giving feedback, or securing approvals directly within the SocialPilot platform, negating the need for additional communication tools.

Harness Collective Expertise

Your team invests immense effort into crafting trending videos. Leverage their expertise by involving them in the final stages. Allocate responsibilities, heed their suggestions, collaboratively refine, and co-create stellar video content.

Features We're Proud to Highlight

Our expertise extends beyond just Social Media Management.

Insightful Analytics

Delve deep into actionable metrics and understand the pulse of your Facebook pages through comprehensive analytics reports.

Unified Social Inbox

Connect seamlessly with your audience using our consolidated Social Inbox, streamlining conversations across different platforms.

YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing platform, is a powerful tool for brands aiming to boost their visibility through engaging and keyword-optimized video content.

By leveraging accurate video titles, descriptions, and tags, creators can enhance their video rankings, making them easily discoverable to a vast audience searching for relevant topics.

The platform's algorithm prioritizes watch time and user engagement, emphasizing the importance of creating high-quality, compelling content that retains viewers and encourages interactions.

As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube videos often appear in search engine results, offering businesses an additional avenue to reach potential customers and establish a strong online presence.

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