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LinkedIn Social Media Management and Ads

Socially Saved Media LinkedIn Scheduler accomplishes your branding goals with its amazing feature set.

Your All-in-one LinkedIn Management Platform is here

Schedule posts to multiple LinkedIn pages and groups using Socially Saved Media smart scheduler.

Multiple Pages and Accounts

​Personalized Caption

AI Assistant

Tag Business

Bulk Boosting

URL Shortening

Audience Targeting

Canva Integration

Post Preview

Smart Scheduling

Draft Posts

Dropbox & Box integration

RSS Feed

Flexible Calendar

Team Management

Schedule First Comment

Multiple Images


Custom Fields

Alt Text

Aspect Ratios

Image Editor

Content Library

Post Queueing

Add Emojis

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts?

Scheduling a LinkedIn post is super easy with Socially Saved Media. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and automate your LinkedIn posting like never before:


Go to the create post option & click on the LinkedIn icon or select your LinkedIn account(s).


Add your content. You can add a host of media like photos/videos/GIFs/emojis/hashtags as well as watermarks and custom fields. You can also set UTM parameters or geo-target your posts.


Preview the entire content in the post preview section.


You can also make use of our Bulk Scheduling feature using .csv files to schedule upto 500 posts at once.

Personalize Your LinkedIn Strategy

Execute the most befitting LinkedIn content marketing strategies with Socially Saved Media. Schedule LinkedIn posts at the best times to get maximum engagement from your targetaudience.

Customize Your Posts

Ditch the corporate blues with emojis, images, GIFs, and videos to your LinkedIn posts. Write captions, add links, custom fields, alt texts, and hashtags. You can even personalize creatives for your clients by adding their brand logo using the in-built Watermark feature with our LinkedIn post scheduler.

Expand Your Post’s Reach

Fine-tune your posting strategy by targeting the apt set of audiences for your LinkedIn profiles and company pages. Further tag relevant accounts to get more meaningful engagement and add first comments to your posts to boost visibility.

Repurpose Content with Greater Ease

Create a directory of inspirational LinkedIn content ideas & your past LinkedIn posts which have registered the most reach & engagement with Socially Saved Media content library.

Store & Scan Through LinkedIn Post Ideas

Keep track of every LinkedIn post idea you ever have & past LinkedIn posts which have proved to be conversation-starters. Search & retrieve these easily to create captivating LinkedIn posts in minutes.

Inventory Hashtag Clusters

Preserve your most-frequented hashtags for LinkedIn & insert these automatically into your LinkedIn posts later. Enjoy automated hashtag cluster insertion & save on valuable time to step up your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Enhance LinkedIn Caption-Creation with the AI Assistant

​Elevate professional branding on LinkedIn with AI-generated captivating captions, strategic hashtags, and unique post ideas.

Generate Engaging Captions

Swiftly generate compelling captions for your LinkedIn updates and schedule them seamlessly. Utilize our AI tool’s custom tone presets and Linkedin-specific prompt template to craft engaging posts.

Strategic Hashtag Recommendations

Let AI take the guesswork out of your hashtag selection on LinkedIn. Feed your caption to the AI Assistant and have it generate relevant hashtags that connect you with the right professionals.

LinkedIn Content Brainstorming and Optimization

Use the nifty AI Assistant to optimize your LinkedIn marketing and build an attractive brand persona. Generate compelling content ideas, repurpose posts seamlessly, and craft high-quality posts effortlessly.

Automate Posting with Smart LinkedIn Post Scheduler

You must be thinking about how to schedule LinkedIn posts automatically, right?
Get multiple posts shared on different LinkedIn profiles and pages without any mess.

Flex Your Calendar

With the Socially Saved Media editorial calendar, get a cohesive view of monthly, weekly and daily posts on multiple LinkedIn profiles and pages. Refine it further with multiple filters or shift content around in your calendar with the easy drag and drop rescheduling feature.

Schedule LinkedIn Posts in Bulk

Stop the copy-paste drill of your posts from Sheet and Excel onto the tool. Try out the smarter way and schedule as many as 500 posts to multiple LinkedIn profiles and pages in just a few clicks.

Set Up Workflows for Collaboration

Bring in your team and clients together on Socially Saved Media. Stop the chase for seeking approvals with our team management features!

Onboard Your Team and Clients

Invite clients with shareable links and include them in your posting ecosystem. Assign roles to team members to execute your marketing strategies.

Set Up Workflows

Grant specific access and permissions to individuals so they access only what’s needed. Assign priorities to optimize your workflow.

Collaboration Made Easy

You can open dialogue with your team or clients using comments on posts on your LinkedIn calendar ensuring quicker feedback processes.

Features We're Proud to Highlight

Our expertise extends beyond just Social Media Management.

Insightful Analytics

Delve deep into actionable metrics and understand the pulse of your Facebook pages through comprehensive analytics reports.

Unified Social Inbox

Connect seamlessly with your audience using our consolidated Social Inbox, streamlining conversations across different platforms.

LinkedIn, primarily known as a professional networking platform, offers businesses unparalleled access to industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential B2B clients.

By crafting keyword-optimized profiles, publishing insightful articles, and engaging in relevant group discussions, brands can bolster their authority and visibility within their niche on LinkedIn.

The platform's algorithm favors genuine engagement and value-driven content, emphasizing the importance of consistent posting and fostering meaningful connections for SEO benefits.

With its focus on professional growth and industry insights, LinkedIn serves as an essential tool for businesses aiming to establish thought leadership and drive targeted B2B leads.

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