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Instagram Social Media Management and Ads

Always stay Gram-ready with Socially Saved Media Advanced
Marketing features for Instagram.

Automate Your Instagram Posting Strategy

Schedule your Posts, Reels and Stories directly to Instagram without messing up the dimensions of your aesthetic creatives.

Multiple Pages and Accounts

​Personalized Caption

AI Assistant

Tag Business

Bulk Boosting

URL Shortening

Audience Targeting

Canva Integration

Post Preview

Smart Scheduling

Draft Posts

Dropbox & Box integration

RSS Feed

Flexible Calendar

Team Management

Schedule First Comment

Multiple Images


Custom Fields

Alt Text

Aspect Ratios

Image Editor

Content Library

Post Queueing

Add Emojis

​Elevate Your Scheduling Game

With Socially Saved Media, it's not just about scheduling visuals but weaving strategies that propel your Instagram marketing.

Fine-Tune Your Instagram Content

From reels and stories to carousels and regular posts, Socially Saved Media ensures your content is always Instagram-ready. Refine your creatives using our integrated editing tool, embed custom logos with the Watermark feature, pepper in emojis for added flair, and brainstorm alongside your team for the perfect captions.

Amplify Your Visibility

Enhance your impact without overloading your Instagram post descriptions. Schedule initial comments, leverage geotags, or mention other profiles to broaden your audience reach. Plus, set reminders for stories to continually engage and resonate with your followers.

Exciting Feature Alert!

Systematize Your Instagram Content Ideas

Systematize Your Instagram Content Ideas
Compile a rich reservoir of Instagram content inspirations and crowd-favorite past posts. Label and save them under distinct tags, creators, and usage metrics. Swing back whenever you wish to swiftly sift through and line up your posts.

Your Personalized Hashtag Hub

Gather your go-to Instagram hashtags and group them for effortless insertion during your scheduling or live posting. Spare yourself the minutes and ensure you're always timely with your trend-driven marketing!

Fast-Track Scheduling with the AI Assistant

Master the art of Instagram branding. Auto-craft distinct captions and hashtags, and line them up in a jiffy.

Craft Magnetic Instagram Captions

Sculpting Instagram-optimized, engagement-driven captions has never been simpler. Lean on tone presets and platform-tailored prompt templates to make every post a sure shot.

Generate a Plethora of Hashtag Suggestions

Simply feed your caption into the AI Assistant and watch it produce pertinent hashtags in an instant. Amplify your outreach and engagement with pinpointed hashtags designed around your content.

Ideate and Beyond

Concoct innovative caption and hashtag concepts for smooth post repurposing, giving your Instagram marketing a boost – count on our AI tool as your digital co-pilot.

Ace Your Game with Intelligent Scheduling

Boost your efficiency with a versatile calendar view and comprehensive scheduling functionalities. We've got you covered for consistent posting on Instagram.

​Work Your Calendar Your Way

Dive into monthly, weekly, or daily calendar vistas of all your Google Business posts. Filter by specific locales or accounts for a granulated glance. Plus, easily revise and rearrange your content by simply dragging and dropping on the calendar.

Mass Post with Ease

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of juggling Excel/Sheets and daily post stressors. Tap into Socially Saved Media bulk scheduling feature, allowing you to line up as many as 500 posts at once. Feel the freedom to tweak them even after the initial scheduling.

Collaboration Centralized

Unite your team and clients in one cohesive hub for effortless collaboration. With Socially Saved Media, chart the course to impeccable Instagram engagement.

Smooth Onboarding

Reach out to your clients via easily shareable Socially Saved Media links. Integrate team members and designate their specific roles for stellar Instagram campaigns.

Workflow Streamlined

Admins have the reins, allowing or restricting access as per the role. This ensures both streamlined operation and data security.

Seamless Team Interaction

Synchronize effortlessly with both clients and team members on every post, all within the platform. Opt to liaise solely with your internal team if needed.

Features We're Proud to Highlight

Our expertise extends beyond just Social Media Management.

Insightful Analytics

Delve deep into actionable metrics and understand the pulse of your Facebook pages through comprehensive analytics reports.

Unified Social Inbox

Connect seamlessly with your audience using our consolidated Social Inbox, streamlining conversations across different platforms.

Instagram, a visually-driven social media platform, offers businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their brand through captivating images, videos, and Stories.

With the strategic use of hashtags, geotags, and keyword-rich captions, brands can enhance their content discoverability and reach a targeted audience actively engaging with similar niches.

The platform's algorithm values genuine engagement, making it essential for businesses to foster authentic interactions and consistently post relevant, high-quality content.

Utilizing Instagram's various features, such as IGTV, Reels, and Shopping, businesses can diversify their content strategy, driving more traffic and fostering a loyal follower base.

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